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The current trend of CPA marketing shows that advertisers prefer working via performance tracking platform (trackers) when they pay only for technical support instead of working with CPA affiliate networks. It is more profitable for advertisers as they don’t pay huge fees to CPA network (which is about 20-30% per every transaction) because trackers usually charge a fixed fee once a month.

Many CPA networks present themselves as blind networks and don’t reveal the list of their publishers, sources of traffic, etc. It leads to the lack of transparency for advertisers, as they are not willing to pay for fraud transactions (transactions that were generated by forbidden traffic, e.g., brand bidding, pop-under, etc.). The usage of forbidden traffic can also damage brand reputation.

Publishers who buy traffic and work with CPA networks have to cope with many difficulties as well. Firstly, the communication process is organized via CPA network, and it can take lots of time to receive the response from advertiser concerning traffic quality, payment, etc. Secondly, publishers cannot see statistics of every offer, and they are unaware of the key markers of the offers they work with (such as average conversion, total order value, average click price, etc.) Thirdly, publishers wait for months for advertisers to validate their transactions and pay their reward. There are many methods for publishers to receive their payment such as Paypal, Webmoney, wire, Pioneer, etc. When a publisher receives the money, he wants to buy more traffic. Usually it means that he has to send his money from one wallet to another one and, of course, it takes lots of time.

With the rise of ICO, more and more advertisers want to pay in cryptocurrency to affiliate networks for the provided traffic. However, not every CPA network has the resources to receive the payment in cryptocurrency and then pay to the publishers.


Nicolas Liakhovski

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Kirillov

Chief Crypto Officer

Dmitriy Dunskiy

Chief Technology Officer

Helga Rebek

Strategic Partnership Officer

Alex White

PR & Marketing Director

Timur Moser

Head of legal & investor relations

Arapat Abukova

Chief Operations Officer

Nickolay Davidov

Ivan Bannikov


ICO details

Currency name:
Adpump (ADP)
≈ $0,15
Start date:
12 Nov 2017
End date:
24 Dec 2018
Site age:
29 Sep 2017
Site users:
5 497
External investments:
First mention:
September 2017
Token type:
Ethereum ERC-20
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