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Currently, agricultural production uses intensive technologies to reduce the cost of production. Because of this, food becomes tasteless and dangerous to human health. The production of organic products without the use of harmful technologies reduces efficiency and increases the cost by about 25%.

Such products in Russia enjoy little demand even in Moscow, because there are many cheap fake products and their production is unprofitable. The only solution was to create an integrated structure from the field to the counter and produce as many products as possible to sell.

Our company has been engaged in this business model for the past 8 years. During the first five years, production and sales of meat were organized, but due to problems with sales, the company suffered permanent losses.

Two years ago, an online store was opened in Moscow, but it was also not enough to make a profit. In September 2016, together with the well-known brand chef Kirill Kuznetsov, the first restaurant under the label “Meat Desire” with a butcher shop was opened. After 2 months, the company went to zero profitability, and in 6 months to a stable profit. As a result, all business started to generate revenue.

Customers love our products and believe in its quality. The most difficult part (the formation of a minimal customer base) has already been passed. To accelerate the development process, it was decided to open a network of restaurants in Moscow under the label “Meat Desire” to increase the client base, and to expand production on the farm as necessary.

To do this, we plan to use new possibilities of blockchain technology for crowd-sale of our own tokens under the name BeefCoin and bonus tokens under the name BeefGold.

The use of such technologies in the long term will allow increasing the turnover of products and the sales market, and our traditional way of production guarantees us customer loyalty in the long term.

Together we will begin to produce many high-quality products. With your help, we will provide everyone with healthy and tasty food.


Alexey Balakirev

Financial Advisor

Marina Vorsina

Legal Advisor

Nikolay Melbard

Founder & CEO, Melbard LLC Co-owner, Meat Desire

Kirill Kuznetsov

Brand Chef & Co-owner, Meat Desire

Dennis Chirkovsky

Markering & PR

ICO details

Currency name:
BeefCoin (BEEF)
≈ $1
Start date:
01 Jan 2018 at 12:00
End date:
31 Mar 2018 at 12:00
Cap MIN:
$100 000
$2 000 000
Site age:
10 Jun 2017
Site users:
4 007
External investments:
First mention:
July 2017
Token type:
Ethereum and Waves
Token Issue:
4 000 000
Token Lab Index:
Not Assigned
In-Depth Rating:
Not Assigned
ICO Tracker Rating:
Coming soon
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