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The project opens up a fundamentally new opportunity for tokenization of mortgage, which annual issue volume is estimated at $ 4 trillion. It allows real estate owners to get a stable digital asset – Mortgage Unit (MU) by mortgaging their property.

Mortgage Unit certifies an equal scope of claims on real estate in the mortgage fund, what dramatically increases its liquidity.

Mortgage Unit is analogue of mortgage-backed security.

We have passed a proof-of-concept stage and carried out the world’s first test issue of MU tokens, secured by a real mortgage claim.

Blockchain allows to check the data on mortgaged objects at any time and to make certain of a mortgage securing.

We have put an emphasis on elaboration and legal ground of tokens issuance and circulation terms to address possible risks that emerge due to the latest development of ICO and cryptocurrency regulation.

Draft documents that will regulate the project implementation and issue of mortgage tokens are already worked out and adapted to Russian legislation.

Now these documents are under adaptation to international application.


Dauren Toleukhanov

Investor relations adviser

Vladimir Diakov

Real estate valuation, scoring and risk management adviser

Andrey Zyikov

Taxes adviser

Vasiliy Burov

Open data and crowdsourcing adviser

Mikhail Lyamin

Adviser, Capital markets research Analyst

George Zhukov

Founder Legal, strategy, blockchain, CEO, R&D

Valentin Kislyy

Co-Founder Legal, blockchain and DLT regulation

Nadezhda Kydryashova

Co-Founder Chief Legal Officer

Oleg Sherykhalin

Digital architecture, infrastructure and development planning

Denis Semenov

Chief Valuation Officer

Rostislav Vylegzhanin

PR, crowdsourcing

Dmirty Yarmosh

Project management, DSS

Denis Epishev

IP Legal support

Philipp Keleinov

Software Development Team Lead

Mikhail Tomilov

Translation Communication

Andrey Belyaev

Web/IT Support and administration

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