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Node is a revolutionary high-tech start-up, which disrupts a market niche of wireless transmission devices for both private and commercial use. Our innovative developments, research activities in the field of storage and transmission of electricity, allow us to offer solutions that are characterized by high quality and efficiency of use.

We are on the final stage of testing of prototype devices. And there is two fundamentally different schemes are being explored and improved upon by our scientists:

1. In an induction coil or an electric transformer, which have a metal or air core, the energy is transferred by a simple electromagnetic connection called magnetic induction. Using this method, the transmission and reception of energy became feasible at a considerable distance, but to obtain a significant voltage in this way it was necessary to arrange two coils very close to each other.

2. A magnetic/capacitive resonant coupling is used, where both inductors are tuned to a mutual frequency, so that a considerable amount of energy can be transmitted over a considerable distance.

The essence of the promising technology from Node is the imposition of several electromagnetic waves in the form of impulses of different duration and frequency to each other, after which these waves pass through a special ferroelectric material and an electromagnetic lens from the structured metamaterial.


George Mikaberydze

Elizaveta Tolstikova

George Erman

Sergey Lepeshkin

Iaroslav Taldykin

Vadim Kotov

Pavel Zelenin


Daniil Morozov


Oleg Pensky

Chief Scientific Officer

Olga Sivitskaya

Marketing Expert

Dmitry Okulov

Chief Technical Officer

Irina Kotova

Financial Planning and Accounting Expert

Denis Konogorov

Investments Expert

Ekaterina Naimushina

Community Manager

Mikhail Pan

Sales: Asian markets.

Yulia Trubnikova

Sales: European and US markets

Evgeny Petrikin

Sales: East markets

Ibtihaj Abrar

Product Designer

ICO details

Currency name:
Node (NODE)
≈ $1
Presale start:
07 Dec 2018 at 12:00
Presale end:
14 Feb 2018
Start date:
15 Feb 2018 at 00:00
End date:
16 Apr 2018
Cap MIN:
$1 000 000
$10 000 000
Site age:
22 Sep 2017
Site users:
8 382
External investments:
First mention:
September 2017
Token type:
Ethereum ERC-20
Token Issue:
10 000 000
Token Lab Index:
Not Assigned
In-Depth Rating:
Not Assigned
ICO Tracker Rating:
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