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Paygine is an open financial platform designed to operate within its own proprietary banking structure and designed to serve FinTech and crypto-business needs in areas of money remittance, cryptocurrency exchange, and payment for “real” goods and services under white label solution.

Based on the needs of international banks and financial organizations, the founders of Best2Pay decided to create a new platform united by a single IT system with an open API.

Paygine’s key competitive advantage over similar projects is that it can leverage off existing Best2Pay services and technologies currently used by FinTech businesses, e-commerce, and beyond.

The Paygine platform would offer the following services by utilizing Best2Pay existing technology:

  • Transferring cryptocurrency to/from a bank card;
  • Paying in shops and stores using a card in cryptocurrency;
  • Accepting cryptocurrency as a payment for goods and services at online stores;
  • Carrying out cross-border transfers of fiat currencies by means of cryptocurrency with minimal costs;
  • Maintaining wallets in both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies with the ability to conveniently and quickly convert funds between them.


Kirill Radchenko

CEO, Best2Pay and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited

Michael Luposhtyan

Senior Vice President, Best2Pay and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited

Maxim Neshcheret

Business Development Director, Best2Pay Singapore

Raniya Luposhtyan

Chief Financial Officer, Best2Pay, US, and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited

Alexander Petrov

Chief Technology Officer, Best2Pay Russia

Vitaly Furmanov

Senior Vice President, Best2Pay

ICO details

Currency name:
Paygine (PGC)
≈ 1
Presale start:
28 Dec 2017
Start date:
01 Apr 2018
End date:
27 May 2018
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