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A significant reduction in the number of inefficient cryptoactive assets.

Revizor will significantly reduce the number of inefficient crypto assets. This fact is a positive influence on the market for the following reasons: from this, the creators of other tokens will win, to which attention will be attracted and, accordingly, the freed investments advantages exist for the crypto-currency market in general. This is because there is a direct correlation between the growth in the number of successful and reliable projects and the arrival of new investors on the market, whose interest will increase significantly the crypto currency market with the help of Revizor will be rid of the reputation of the soap bubble, the pyramid as there will be a filtration of the market from assets that have a high level of investment risks. With the help of RevizoR algorithms it will be possible to easily predict the degree of benefit from conducting an ICO.


Yuliya Zhurba

CEO | head of legal sphere, integration strategy

Olga Bubyr

executive activity, accounts department

Ievgen Nikutin

chief technology officer

Nikolai Goncharuk

chief of telecommunikations

ICO details

Currency name:
RevizorCoin (RR)
≈ 0,25
Presale start:
27 Jan 2018
Start date:
03 Mar 2018
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