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Everyone, who reads these lines, uses at least three different communication platforms. There is no sense in giving their detailed description, advantages and disadvantages. However, the process of evolution does not stand still. Functionality that seemed to be the most advanced and convenient five years ago, is not enough for modern person nowadays. It is obvious that the next generation messenger must meet the following criteria:

– be absolutely secure, exclude any access to any information relating to the users communication or
users themselves

– no chance to block voice calls. Surely, many of you, during vacation in other countries, have faced
the fact that some of popular communication platforms are not working properly – all calls are simply

– could be installed on all kinds of software (Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, WEB) and should
provide synchronization between different devices

– should have integrated wallet and payment system for making transactions in all types of currencies,
including Crypto currency, ensure their instant conversion within the system.

– gives user opportunity to earn real money through his/her activity and by monetization of content

– should have the most complete set of functions, the description of which will be given below


Vasilij Ogromnov

Chief Consultant on Strategy and Development

Igor Podlesny

Chief Financial Officer

Vadim Pavlov

Chief Executive Officer

Igor Nemenonok

Chief Technical Officer, Lead iOS Developer

Igor Plusch

Chief Marketing Officer

Max Kokorin

Back-end developer

Guntis Šulcs

Lead Creative Developer

Vladislav Medvedev

Software Test Engineer

Constantine Chuprik

Back-end developer

Ivan Lemeshev

Back-end developer

Vasilij Leonidov

Back-end developer

Yuri Semenov

Back-end developer

Rihards Baumanis

iOS Developer

Tair Rzayev

Android Developer

Darja Barabash

Test engineer

Dmitry Dushinsky

Android Developer

Rolands Kalpins

Frontend developer

Mikhail Konstantinov

CEO at Electronic Trading Platform of Gazprombank

Martins Zalans

Managing Partner at Lawerton attorneys at law, Sworn Advocate, Member of Latvian Bar Association

Janis Smiltnieks

Sworn Advocate at Lawerton

ICO details

Currency name:
YouRa (YRC)
≈ €0.03
Presale start:
01 Jan 2018
Presale end:
01 Mar 2018
Start date:
01 May 2018
End date:
01 Jun 2018
Cap MIN:
€3 000 000
€15 000 000
Site age:
24 Sep 2017
Site users:
3 306
Yes (ios, android, web)
External investments:
First mention:
December 2017
Token type:
Ethereum ERC-223
Token Issue:
500 000 000
Token Lab Index:
Not Assigned
In-Depth Rating:
Not Assigned
ICO Tracker Rating:
Coming soon