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Leading the World in Blockchain Copyright

YouRight | Blockchain Copyright World Bank gives Telegram Open Network Registered Rights to Creators & Allows to Trade Intellectual Property with Easy & Free:

  • brand
  • foto
  • idea
  • art
  • motto
  • logo
  • trademark
  • invention
  • design
  • sound
  • video
  • architecture
  • sculpture

The owner of copyright is the author, meaning the person who creates the work. For example a photographer is the owner in the case of a photograph. However, as copyright is a form of property, the right may be transferred, for example, to a publisher.

Copyright is a property right and the owner of the work can control the use of the work, subject to certain exceptions. No protection is provided for ideas while the ideas are in a person’s mind, YouRight protects the form of expression of ideas, not the ideas themselves.

YouRight’s registered work is a form of “intellectual property”, which can be assigned, transferred, licensed or used by the owner worldwide as far as YouRight protection is exterritorial.

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Currency name:
YouRight (RBANK)
≈ 1
Presale start:
18 Feb 2018
Start date:
18 Feb 2018
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