• 1 Pluses of COMSA ICO:
  • 2 Several arguments against investing in Comsa:
  • 3 Budget allocation
  • 4 Conclusion

Essence: Comsa is a Japanese startup for organizing an ICO for a real business with its own exchange.


Limit of fees: NoCap
ICO date: October 2 – November 6
Pre ICO 100 000 $ minimum (20% discount) already on
Sybmol CMS

Pluses of COMSA ICO:

1. Japanese history – a country where cryptocurrency = money, Japs all together invest in it for a long time making their Ripple for ICO
2. There is a stock exchange for listing (the waves also lists tokens)
3. Large funds are already in ($9m -Nippon Technology Venture Partners, FISCO Capitals, and ABBALab Inc.)
4. There’s a team and matured designers
5. There’s a referral program.
Conclusion: they will raise good funds

Several arguments against investing in Comsa:

1. Poor offer even compared to the icobox
– they make a blockchain for a real business (but the real business will raise finds very badly through the ICO), everything will roll down to the dump of small projects
– they’re going to launch ICO for the 2 nearest projects: mineral water and another crowdfunding platform.
2. Tokenholders get only 5% of bonus by tokens if they participate ICO on the platform (from the whitepaper).

[su_note note_color=”#ebd6af”]ICOBox example – they give a 75% discount form the best price on any ICO stage, even after listing.[/su_note]

3. Big tokensale period – more than a month + PRE stage, if listing will be launched immediately – the first ones will start getting rid of the stuff fixing the 20% discount obtained at the start and everyone who wants to buy will have time to do that on ICO stage.
4. The idea is not unique – Waves launches ICO for a real business too, but there’re not so many cases so far (form Andrey Ivanov’s recent presentation). In fact they do the same as Comsa.
5. There is no clear budget allocation (everything we collect will go to the development, marketing and blah-blah-blah)

Budget allocation

  • Funds received from the sale of tokens are distributed as follows:
  • The development of COMSA ICO tokensales platform.
  • The development of COMSA CORE.
  • The development of COMSA HUB.
  • The development of tokens which are stuck to the cryptocurrency (pegged tokens).
  • The development of tokens which are stuck to the fiat (fiat pegged tokens).
  • The development of multilingual user interface and the support for Zaif exchange clients (English, Chinese and other languages).
  • Adding ERC-20 and NEM tokens to the Zaif.
  • Adding /XEM and /ETH to all currency pairs.
  • COMSA PR, marketing and other related services.

6. That’s how COMSA’s roadmap looks like: it seems that raising funds is the last stage.


7. If the funds entered on early stages it means only that they entered on early stages but that doesn’t mean that they want to stay there and wait for listing (as an option – there could be an arrangement that the money that have been invested in order to show popularity, will be returned to the fund + 20%)


[su_note note_color=”#ebe9af”]1. I do not believe in hype at the start and do not see any serious prospects in the near future with such a plan to spend money.

2. I would not consider a long-term investment in this project, since it is unlikely that it can at least beat the bitcoin or ether rate[/su_note]