• 1 Why launch the ICO, if everything is so good
  • 2 Mining and the real value of Playkey
  • 3 Is it worth to participate in Playkey ICO
  • 4 Terms of participation in Playkey ICO

Playkey ICO is aimed at one of the fastest growing markets – the computer games industry. In 2017 there are 2.2 billion gamers in the world, 81% of them can not play new games – they are all potential customers of Playkey.

Playkey solves the problems of almost two billion people – gives them the opportunity to play new games on old computers that are slow. Games keep evolving, and gamers do not have time to update their hardware to have a normal rest.


  • Why launch the ICO, if everything is so good
  • Mining and the real value of Playkey
  • Is it worth to participate in Playkey ICO
  • Terms of participation in Playkey ICO
ICO: Playkey
Tokens PKT
Project’s official website
Token’s price 1 PKT = 0,004 ETH
Bonus for participants of CryptoHabr training course up to 15%
The essence of the project The project provides an opportunity to play demanding modern computer games on slow computers..

Why launch the ICO, if everything is so good

The Playkey team has been around for 4 years. They started with the sale of games, and then realized that this was not enough, and began to provide computing power to the owners of obsolete computers.

By the autumn of 2017 Playkey has about 60,000 paying customers per month. Subscription is about $10, so their monthly income is about $600,000 a month. That is, the team already has a well-functioning business that brings money. They need ICO because they want to scale at a fast pace, and this requires large funds. More specifically, Playkey is very ambitious and intends to raise $150 million.

For more info watch the video.

Mining and the real value of Playkey

Now the main task of Playkey is to develop the regions of Russia. If you mine their tokens, it’s like you will provide the power of your computer to the owners of old PCs, so that they will virtually play on your computer from their computer.

The good thing is that this project has real value – you provide a service for mining, and in principle, not cheap. It is not just a program code that is abstracted from real life, but a specific need for a large target audience.

[su_note note_color=”#ebe9af”]The more users will be mining Playkey tokens, the more people will be able to play, and the revenue from the users’ subscription will be higher. The whole process of mining runs in automatic mode.[/su_note]

In addition, the number of tokens is limited – 100 million coins, and all of them will grow if the project implements the target. And the profitability, according to the founders of Playkey, the mining of their tokens is 7-10 times more profitable than the mining of popular crypto-currencies. The only downside is that you need to install a separate software; it’s impossible to mine Playkey and crypt at the same time.

Is it worth to participate in Playkey ICO

ICO starts on November 1 and will last until November 30. 1 PKT token (PlayKey token) is 0.004 ETH. Let’s see if it’s worth participating in this project. Let’s look at pros and cons of this project.


  1. There is already a business that works and makes a profit of $600,000 a month. ICO is needed for fast scaling, not for starting.
  2. The company knows how to work with its customers, they understand their needs, and know how to sell.
  3. Already attracted $2.8 million of investments, including institutional investments.
  4. It is planned to promote and popularize the project – not only ICO, but also the final product.
  5. For the Playkey command, security issues come first. This is manifested in everything: from the fire protection system of the data center, to the security of the software. In this issue everything looks secure.


  1. There is no development team for the blockchain, although they are solving this problem right now.
  2. You need a separate soft for mining Playkey. You can’t mine PKT and crypt at the same time.

Terms of participation in Playkey ICO

We decided to participate this ICO and provide special conditions for participants of our training course. Decide whether you will participate in this project and how much you’re ready to invest. Remember, participation in ICO is always a very risky business, so make a decision responsibly. If there are questions, write them in the comments or in the fund-raising form.

PKT tokens are sold for Etherium. 1 PKT = 0.004 ETH. At the beginning of the project a bonus of 15% for the participants of Cryptohibar crypto-currencies Platinum training course is provided, which melts with time.

Investment date: Bonus for participants of Platinum training on crypto-currencies Bonus for other participants of the training
Bonus  25.09 – 01.10 15% 13%
Bonus 02.10 – 08.10 14% 12%
Bonus 09.10 – 15.10 13% 11%
Bonus 16.10 – 22.10 12% 10%
Bonus 23.10 – 29.10 11% 8%
Bonus 30.10 – 05.11 10% 6%
Bonus 06.11 – 12.11 9% 5%
Bonus 13.11 – 19.11 7% 4%
Bonus 20.11 – 26.11 5% 2%
Bonus 27.11 – 30.11 3% 1%


[su_note note_color=”#ebdaaf”]Fill in the form to receive the details for the transfer and purchase the Playkey tokens with a special offer[/su_note]