GoldMint ICO hits the needs of two audiences. The “Gold” crypto currency plays the role of a protective crypto-asset with a binding of value to real gold. It is stored in depositories in different countries, including Russia.

The company that is behind this ICO receives 500 kg of gold monthly through its pawnshop network, in addition, they cooperate with the world’s largest depositories and banks that are ready to sell gold and take it for safekeeping.

Gold is a stable asset during any crisis. To protect your crypto savings, you do not need to go to the Fiat, it would be enough to exchange Bitcoin or Ethereum for the crypto.

The GoldMint crypto currency will be most interesting for institutional traditional investors, who will be able to purchase it in large quantities with minimal risks and through official channels. It is a gateway between the Fiat and the crypt.

Mint is the hype part of this project – the income of mint comes from participation in the operating activities of pawnshops. The problem solved by the token is the financing of the pawn business (traditional bank instruments are not suitable, and ICO tokens allow lending money for operating activities and get commissions from the business).

A GoldMint video review – asking inconvenient questions to the founders

Watch this video in which Alexey Tolkachev met with the organizers of the project, they showed the opposite side of the pawnshop business and told why this project will tore everyone apart 🙂

Watch the interview with the organizers:

How safe is GoldMint from SEC and other jurisdictions point of view?

The company received a conclusion from Western lawyers that such a business format does not violate the SEC requirements, but GoldMint plans to launch on the US market next year, it is likely already with a different cost of tokens.

What are the conditions for participation? How to book Goldmint tokens before ICO with a 35% discount



September 13 or

the first

50 000 tokens

September 14-15

the first

50 000 tokens

September 15-19


the first

50 000 tokens

September 20 –

October 20


For participants of the Platinum training on crypto-currencies

 $5 $5,5 $6,5 $ 7 + 3% bonus if

buying through us


for other participants

$5,5 $6 $6,7 $7


Minimum entry amount: 0.15 BTC or 2 ETHs.

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