Boris started his career in JavaCard team at Sun Microsystems. In this project Boris worked on implementation of application store for J2ME applications. Afterwards Boris joined Intel to create open source implementation of Java. In this project Boris participated in testing and development of class libraries of Java. Results of this project were open sourced and became a part of Apache Harmony. After completion of this project Boris joined Intel XML Gateway project – software solution for accelerating, orchestrating and securing for application based on service oriented architectures. In this project Boris worked on BPEL compiler, cryptography and interoperability testing. After 7 year at Intel as a lead software engineer, Boris decided to switch technology stack and apply his competence to e-commerce. Boris joined startup AviaSales as CTO and 9th employee. On this position Boris worked on asynchronous search engine for airfares, developed domain specific database and organised highly affective development process. These activities helped AviaSales to become N1 online seller of airfares in Eastern Europe.