Professor, Doctor of biological sciences

  • Head of the Soils Erosion and Protection Chair of the Soil Sciences Faculty of Lomonosov
    Moscow State University
  • Area of scientific interests: economic and ecological and economic assessment of soils and land
    resources, ecologic standardization of soil condition and surrounding environment, soil and
    landscape engineering of the territory.
  • Reads lecture courses “Soil and Lands Assessment” and “Soil and Landscape Territory
    Planning”, holds seminar “Modern Soil Geography Issues”.
  • He was awarded a Certificate of Achievement in the environment of the State Committee of the
    Russian Federation (1999). Winner of the Award after Shuvalov I.I. (2003).
  • Author of 70 publications including 3 papers: “Ecological Condition of Soils in Krasnaya
    Polyana”(2000), “Why Should We Assess Soil?” (Soil condition/quality: assessment,
    standardization, management, certification)” (2003), “Several Aspects of Soil and Landscape
    Planning” (2004). Responsible editor of five collective papers.