Candidate of Biological Sciences, has two higher educations

  • He is a head of the economic department of the Moscow State University Agricultural Center
  • Area of scientific interests: assessment of climatic changes on the economy, assessment of
    damage caused by anthropogenic pollution of territories, assessment of ecosystemic services,
    post-agricultural transformation, food safety, regional integration, ecological economy, ecological
    and economical assessment of lands, including under the conditions of radioactive and chemical
    pollution, economic and mathematical modeling
  • Author of 30 scientific articles and 2 books, including “Ecological and Economical Assessment
    of Land Degradation (2016)”. The participant of numerous scientific researches under grants by
    Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Russian Science Foundation.
  • He is a manager and controller of projects related to assessment of climatic changes on the
    economy, food safety, economic and mathematical modeling, regional integration, land
    degradation economy. He is a manager of qualification works of bachelors and masters. Author
    of numerous training courses.