Look our ICO box Review - is it a scam?
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The new ICOS tokens from ICOBox – scam or a working model?

Look our ICO box Review – is it a scam?

We invested a part of the capital in this project on the early stages. In this article I’ll tell you what went the proper way and what went wrong and why it went so and if it is worth to go to ICOS now. So let’s go.


  • 1 The price of ICO-tokens on the stock exchange generally grows, many speculate on this
  • 2 The ICOS tokens key feature form ICOBox company
  • 3 What’s the essence of the project? Isn’t it a trick?
  • 4 How much does an ICO cost?
  • 5 What do the ICOS tokens give you?
  • 6 How the ICOS tokens work
  • 7 How to buy ICOS tokens
  • 8 ICOBox personal account
  • 9 Who is behind the cool idea of ICOS and if the team is worth trusting

ICOS – is actually a discount card, which you can use to buy tokens on the ICO for a fixed price with a 75% discount! In the video below I am explaining in detail where this discount comes from.

Project ICOBox
Tokens ICOS
Project’s official website ICOBox Website
[su_highlight background=”#f6f979″]Beware of clones, we bought tokens here[/su_highlight]
Token’s price with discount on early stages 0.008 BTC (20% discount)
ICO regular price 0.001 BTC – 0.0012 BTC
(Depends on the participation date)
The essence of the project Discount card giving the right to buy tokens on ICO with a fixed 75% discount

If you have already participated in the ICO, you noticed that some of them end up very quickly and collect millions of dollars in a few minutes (!), The Ethereum network does not withstand such a huge number of transactions and those who did not have time, get their ethers back and they need to buy Tokens on the exchange after that.

The price of ICO-tokens on the stock exchange generally grows, many speculate on this

When the tokens go to the stock exchange after the ICO, usually the price grows up significantly at first (buying those who did not have time to buy earlier), then the decline and stabilization goes (profits are fixed by the speculators who entered the ICO and earlier stages).

Stabilization usually goes at a price level, which is still higher than on the ICO (there’re rare exceptions), since in addition to speculators, long-term investors come into the project and they plan to hold tokens and expect to increase their price by 10 or more times in the next 1-3 year, when the company begins to show results from the money received on the ICO.

A good project always grows, as it receives funding and implements its plan. Of course, in this case, it is important to choose the right project to start with. When choosing ICO, we always take into account:

  1. if the project solves a real, not a fictitious problem
  2. if it is supported by a strong team
  3. if it has a working prototype (preferably tested with money), not just an idea
  4. a few dozen of the key criteria that we analyze within the CryptoHabr project.

The ICOS tokens key feature form ICOBox company

[su_note note_color=”#ededc8″]With ICOS tokens you can participate Early Birds and Pre ICO early stages of placing, along with large investors and funds. Even with a minimum amount!

At the same time you get the opportunity to buy ICO-tokens with a fixed 75% discount, regardless of the stage of placement, even after they started trading on the exchange.[/su_note]

In fact, the ICOS is a 75% discount card for projects that are launched using the ICOBox service. The discount is fixed and even if the project has grown up 10 times on the exchange, you can still buy tokens inside the ICOBox at the same initial discount price.

What’s the essence of the project? Isn’t it a trick?

ICOBox is a service for companies that want to enter the ICO. They offer a three component ready-made solution:

How much does an ICO cost?

[su_highlight]Each of the ICOBox services costs 25 BTC. 2 services – 40 BTC, a full package of three services – 50 BTC.[/su_highlight]

Before releasing tokens the ICOS project team which enters the ICO, finances the cost of entering the ICO by itself plus the ICOBox receives the four-time payment for its services in the form of tokens of the new company.

With ICOS tokens the project is financed from the fund, and the tokenholders vote for a project that will go to the ICO next.

What do the ICOS tokens give you?

Buying ICOS tokens you get:

  1. The ability to buy tokens of companies that ICOBox received for its services from the company that launched ICO, with a fixed 75% discount, which is 4 times cheaper than at the earliest stage of Pre ICO or Early birds sales.
  1. You can vote for projects that will go to the ICO, while projects are estimated beforehand by the ICOBox team. Every day ICOBox receives from 30 to 50 requests for ICO. The team plans to launch 5 projects weekly. This is less than 1%, which will include only the best projects.

How the ICOS tokens work

In fact, purchasing ICOS tokens for 10 bitcoins, you can later exchange them for tokens of companies that come to ISO, 4 times cheaper than the most favorable price of their public offering. This is already 40 BTC.

You choose which companies will go to the ICO next week and decide which tokens to buy.

How to buy ICOS tokens

You can buy tokens on the official website here (referral link).

By the way, after you get the tokens via this link, write to vip@myicobox.com with a note – access to the icobox group.

With the CryptoHabr team we have invested a significant part of our capital in the ICOBox project and we will regularly select projects which tokens we recommend to buy in the ICO Box system.

If you have purchased tokens via our referral link then this additional, more detailed check is free for you (the standard analytics costs 15,000 rubles for 1 ICO).

The company plans to spend 20 of every 100 tokens to develop and support the project. In other words, most of the revenue from the affiliate will be paid to analysts who work on projects within the ICOBox and publish them for you in a private telegram chat.

Even if you have already purchased a part of ICOS tokens before, you can buy more tokens via our link for a sum of 10,000 rubles and get the access to our private chat.

ICOBox personal account

Who is behind the cool idea of ICOS and if the team is worth trusting

This was a key step in making a decision to invest in ICOS for me, as this company is based on people with extensive experience in large projects and strong competencies in Internet marketing





Mike Raitsyn – Co-founder of Telderi – the largest exchange of sites in RuNet
  • Telderi.com

One of the leading experts in Internet marketing in RuNet, the author of numerous publications, a regular participant of professional conferences, seminars and round tables.

Founder of Marilab (2006), Miralinks (2008).

Co-founder of projects:

  • WebEffector
  • GoGetLinks
  • Copylancer

The total websites cost on Telderi is more than 100 million rubles every month.





Nikolay Evdokimov – CEO of SeoPult

More than 400 thousand projects. The annual turnover of the company exceeds $150 million.

Director of Development of AppInTop, a strategic director and co-founder of SeoPult.

The founder of UnMedia holding and companies:

  • SeoPult
  • Internet-tv SeoPult.TV
  • TrustLink
  • Amiro.Studio
  • «Seolog»
  • «Laboratoriya kontenta»

Author of books: Contextual advertising. The Textbook, Website promotion. Practical guidance.





Anar Babaev

In the Internet business since 2003. Co-author of tools and services:

  • Website builder Setup.ru.
  • Dating website of the new generation Lovetime.com.
  • Contextual advertising management module in the SeoPult system.

In the co-authorship he wrote the books: “Creation the websites”, “The secrets of effective website promotion “,” Button “MONEY “and” Contextual advertising “.

Author of Internet marketing seminars, speaker of many industry conferences.

Engaged in the development and practical application of new technologies in advertising.